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You will find the control4 drivers on our download page.

El Tako / Enocean driver

€300,00 excl. VAT

El Tako / Enocean Driver

Our El Tako Driver is the link between your El Tako installation and your Control4 system.

With our driver, you can control a FAM14 El Tako Bus via a RS232 cable.
In addition, if you use our wireless Enocean Transceiver module, you can control both FAM14 El Tako bussystems and wireless El Tako modules (e.g. standalone FUD61 dimmer modules).

Advantage of using our wireless Enocean Transceiver module is that you do not have to rewire a house to control the El Tako system.

More Information:

Installation manual
Integration Control4 and El Tako
El Tako Cheat Sheet


Synology Videostation Driver

Use our Synology Videostation Driver to synchronise the media library from a Synology NAS Videostation installation to your Control4.

All titles metadata available in Videostation is synchronised to the Control4 – while keeping the storage of the media on your NAS.

The advantage of using Videostation information is that videostation does a very good job indexing media.

More Information:

Installation manual


Enigma2 Driver

€30,00 excl. VAT

Enigma2 Driver

With our Enigma2 driver, you can use control any equipment with an Enigma2 interface via your Control4.

Examples of Enigma2 driver equipment:

  • Dreambox

More Information:

Installation manual


Enocean Transceiver

€428,00 excl. VAT

Enocean Transceiver

Our Enocean transceiver is a small device which can be connected directly to the Control4.
Connection is via a RS232 cable for data and standard USB cable for power. So no external powersupply is needed,

With the transceiver device, and our El Tako Driver, you can control both El Tako bussystems (based on FAM14 module) and standallone El Tako components (like FUD61 dimmer modules) without need for any rewiring..

This is ideal for controlling an already existing El Tako installation, or if you want to replace existing wall mounted dimmers and other modules by El Tako equipment.

More Information:

Integration Control4 en El Tako

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